How Brexit impacts the U.S. economy

The so-called Brexit has wide implications for the U.S. economy, which is already facing a slew of headwinds. The chief of the U.S. central bank and top monetary policy setting official, Janet Yellen, forewarned earlier this week that Brexit "would negatively affect financial conditions and the U.S. economy." Trade between the two nations only makes up 0.5% of U.S. economic activity. However, the connections go well beyond direct trade between the two global powers. The effect on America can come through a number of chain reactions -- a Brexit domino effect on the global economy. Here are four ways the wake of Brexit could hurt the U.S. economy.

New FCC regulations may not give consumers true online privacy protection

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Costco's switch from Amex to Visa is off to a rocky start

Costco switched from Amex to Visa, and it's not going well. Outraged customers vented on social media Wednesday about problems with their new Costco (COST) credit cards. They complained that they couldn't open their new accounts and couldn't pay existing balances that were transferred to the new cards. The switch was supposed to be automatic and seamless. The new card was touted as a plus for customers when it was first announced, since it offers a more generous cash-back program than the American Express (AXP) version did